tiberx (tiberx) wrote,

Hyper Void (PS4) Review

Hyper Void is a shmup that lacks personality. It's one of those games where you play the first stage then immediately delete the game and all save files from your system. It lacks any fun or cool factor. I'm not posting any pictures of the game because it's not worth your time.

A major sore spot is that your weapons deplete a energy pool which slowly regenerates energy over time. Can you imagine playing Asteriods, Luftrausers, or Resogun with energy management for your weapons? It's a huge bitch slap to the face and a form of punishment many players will not shallow. It may be an incredible game starting at stage 2 but many people will never see it.

Verdict: Skip it

Reviewed using a PS Plus copy of the game.
Tags: ps4, review, video games
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