tiberx (tiberx) wrote,

... I guess I'm a Trump supporter now...

[Updated: 2016-05-04]


Some delirious user on GOG said I was a pedophile. In honour of such a title, I decided to start a club dedicated to skabb15. vote for Trump because I'm sick of the establishment.


Now that you're a pedophile Trump supporter, welcome to Club Skabb15 Trump! Now to be a full fledge member of this exclusive club, you must have these prerequisites.

  • Killed panda bears with a crossbow Punch a protester in the face.

  • Gave a vegan a salt lick for their birthday. Know great people

  • Pledged to vote for Donald Trump in the general election.

  • Scored a field goal, using a newborn, from the 20 yard line. Make great deals.

  • Murdered someone in cold blood. Know the best words.

Please send your donations applications to Trump in honour of skabb15.
Tags: online, wtf
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