tiberx (tiberx) wrote,

Yes, We Can

After contemplating recent world events, there's a powerful message to be found in the rubble; Yes, we can.

Yes, we can achieve racial equality.
Yes, we can bar a religion from entering a nation's borders.

Yes, we can revolt against oppressive governments.
Yes, we can suppress the people to stay in power.

Yes, we can exercise our freedom of speech.
Yes, we can incarcerate our political opponents.

The list can go on and on.

There is no right or wrong way to act because we are flawed creatures to begin with. There is no need for integrity or being truthful when all that matters is how people feel. As long as there is a will do something, anything, we should do it no matter what the consequences. Many of us have forgotten this power we all have and it should be fully embraced.
Tags: rant
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