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Review: Beyond Eyes (PS4)

I hate walking simulators. The idea of walking through a level at a snail's pace, while picking audio logs or notes, has the same level of excitement as hitting my foot with a sledgehammer. Beyond Eyes does not deviate from the horrid walking simulator formula, but it does have a few good points.

Beyond Eyes_20160905163453.jpg

You play as Rae, a girl recently blinded by an accident. You explore a watercolour world through close proximity or by sound.

The art style in Beyond Eyes separates it from all the other walking games. From the way the world reveals itself to the sounds you hear, the watercolour painting style is a welcome break from your typical fare. There are no tape recorders to pick up or notes to read. They would only distract the player from consuming this painted world.

There is one thing I took away from the game after putting down the controller, a tiny glimpse into a sightless person. I found myself bumping into walls and trees many times in the game. There was a sense of frustration because I couldn't find the one interactive object. These annoyances quickly became a message. It was a small insight into the world of a character who had recently lost their vision.


Stay away from this game if you detest walking simulators. There's no saving grace here. The game has all your staples such as walking slow and getting lost.

Beyond Eyes art style and charm doesn't hide the fact it's a storybook walking simulator. It's not auditioning for game of the year, but telling a simple story about a girl who recently lost her sight.

Also, stiles are your lifeline and dogs are assholes.

Verdict: Play it, but skip it if you hate walking simulators.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
Beyond Eyes_20160905133447.jpg
Seagulls, the bane of my existence

Beyond Eyes_20160905132110.jpg
Take note of every stile you see
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