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Journal of the Forgotten Agent

Day 1
Today I was enlisted by the head of OEA (Office of External Affairs), Kane Goldstein, to infiltrate one of our greatest enemies for reconnaissance and sabotage purposes. I will be making our great nation safer and my ancestors proud.

Day 3
I successfully entered Arkivanistan and setup a cover story as a film studio. I've also received new identification from OEA. OEA will be sending another agent to assist me in this very important operation.

Day 4
The first of many reconnaissance reports was sent to the OEA.

Day 6
I met the OEA agent, Jean Smith, at a coffee shop. I showed him around the office. He suggested a few counter measures to further secure the office.

Day 11
We received our first target from OEA. We're to wiretap the Minster of Commerce's residential phone line and compile a profile of him.

Day 31
After almost 3 weeks of creating the minster's profile, we received our kill order from OEA.

Day 33
The minster is dead and so is Jean. We were able to assassinate the minster but one of his bodyguards unexpectedly showed to deliver a package to the minster while we were cleaning up. Jean was shot dead as we made a break for it. They locked down our studio and I suspect they have put out an arrest order for me. I'm stuck here with my options running out.

Day 66
I've made several attempts at contacting OEA but with no success. I fear that my operation has been cut loose after the Arkivanistan government was able to confirm that Jean was an GU citizen. I've exhausted all of my safe heavens. It's only a matter of time till they find me.

Day 88
I've been living with Ovelia Oakridge, a nice woman I met at the library, for 2 weeks. To my surprised, she gave me a note addressed to me from her letterbox. It says "Stay vigilant. -Kane Goldstein"

Day 107
I've changed residency as I don't want Ovelia to be involved anymore than she has. I promised her that I will contact her when the dust settles. She does not know I'm a foreign agent. I'm working as a dock worker at the Port of Gavindäs. People don't ask much questions around here. There's still no word from OEA. Why was I given a note? Why wasn't there more? Will I ever see my homeland? It looks bleak and I've lost all hope.
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