L G B Transcended


I am in shock that the Goverment of Canada is using the term LGBTQ2. I don't even know what the 2 stands for. The only things that should have a number in it should be a password. Can we please keep things simple by making the T stand for Transcended? You evolved, mutated, attained, a state that transcends primitive categorization.

Hyper Void (PS4) Review

Hyper Void is a shmup that lacks personality. It's one of those games where you play the first stage then immediately delete the game and all save files from your system. It lacks any fun or cool factor. I'm not posting any pictures of the game because it's not worth your time.

A major sore spot is that your weapons deplete a energy pool which slowly regenerates energy over time. Can you imagine playing Asteriods, Luftrausers, or Resogun with energy management for your weapons? It's a huge bitch slap to the face and a form of punishment many players will not shallow. It may be an incredible game starting at stage 2 but many people will never see it.

Verdict: Skip it

Reviewed using a PS Plus copy of the game.

Yes, We Can

After contemplating recent world events, there's a powerful message to be found in the rubble; Yes, we can.

Yes, we can achieve racial equality.
Yes, we can bar a religion from entering a nation's borders.

Yes, we can revolt against oppressive governments.
Yes, we can suppress the people to stay in power.

Yes, we can exercise our freedom of speech.
Yes, we can incarcerate our political opponents.

The list can go on and on.

There is no right or wrong way to act because we are flawed creatures to begin with. There is no need for integrity or being truthful when all that matters is how people feel. As long as there is a will do something, anything, we should do it no matter what the consequences. Many of us have forgotten this power we all have and it should be fully embraced.

Review: Beyond Eyes (PS4)

I hate walking simulators. The idea of walking through a level at a snail's pace, while picking audio logs or notes, has the same level of excitement as hitting my foot with a sledgehammer. Beyond Eyes does not deviate from the horrid walking simulator formula, but it does have a few good points.

Beyond Eyes_20160905163453.jpg

You play as Rae, a girl recently blinded by an accident. You explore a watercolour world through close proximity or by sound.

The art style in Beyond Eyes separates it from all the other walking games. From the way the world reveals itself to the sounds you hear, the watercolour painting style is a welcome break from your typical fare. There are no tape recorders to pick up or notes to read. They would only distract the player from consuming this painted world.

There is one thing I took away from the game after putting down the controller, a tiny glimpse into a sightless person. I found myself bumping into walls and trees many times in the game. There was a sense of frustration because I couldn't find the one interactive object. These annoyances quickly became a message. It was a small insight into the world of a character who had recently lost their vision.


Stay away from this game if you detest walking simulators. There's no saving grace here. The game has all your staples such as walking slow and getting lost.

Beyond Eyes art style and charm doesn't hide the fact it's a storybook walking simulator. It's not auditioning for game of the year, but telling a simple story about a girl who recently lost her sight.

Also, stiles are your lifeline and dogs are assholes.

Verdict: Play it, but skip it if you hate walking simulators.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
Beyond Eyes_20160905133447.jpg
Seagulls, the bane of my existence

Beyond Eyes_20160905132110.jpg
Take note of every stile you see

Where you can get stuck in Fallout 4 (PS4)

I'll be updating this list as I encounter them.

HalluciGen, Inc.
Don't jump over the railing in the locked room with a Gunner.

Boston Library­­­
You can get stuck inside the room in the bottom level after coming down the ramp. (The room connected to the open patio area) There's a room with junk piled in the door. You may enter it through the right hand side of the doorway. (source)

Journal of the Forgotten Agent

Day 1
Today I was enlisted by the head of OEA (Office of External Affairs), Kane Goldstein, to infiltrate one of our greatest enemies for reconnaissance and sabotage purposes. I will be making our great nation safer and my ancestors proud.

Day 3
I successfully entered Arkivanistan and setup a cover story as a film studio. I've also received new identification from OEA. OEA will be sending another agent to assist me in this very important operation.

Day 4
The first of many reconnaissance reports was sent to the OEA.

Day 6
I met the OEA agent, Jean Smith, at a coffee shop. I showed him around the office. He suggested a few counter measures to further secure the office.

Day 11
We received our first target from OEA. We're to wiretap the Minster of Commerce's residential phone line and compile a profile of him.

Day 31
After almost 3 weeks of creating the minster's profile, we received our kill order from OEA.

Day 33
The minster is dead and so is Jean. We were able to assassinate the minster but one of his bodyguards unexpectedly showed to deliver a package to the minster while we were cleaning up. Jean was shot dead as we made a break for it. They locked down our studio and I suspect they have put out an arrest order for me. I'm stuck here with my options running out.

Day 66
I've made several attempts at contacting OEA but with no success. I fear that my operation has been cut loose after the Arkivanistan government was able to confirm that Jean was an GU citizen. I've exhausted all of my safe heavens. It's only a matter of time till they find me.

Day 88
I've been living with Ovelia Oakridge, a nice woman I met at the library, for 2 weeks. To my surprised, she gave me a note addressed to me from her letterbox. It says "Stay vigilant. -Kane Goldstein"

Day 107
I've changed residency as I don't want Ovelia to be involved anymore than she has. I promised her that I will contact her when the dust settles. She does not know I'm a foreign agent. I'm working as a dock worker at the Port of Gavindäs. People don't ask much questions around here. There's still no word from OEA. Why was I given a note? Why wasn't there more? Will I ever see my homeland? It looks bleak and I've lost all hope.

... I guess I'm a Trump supporter now...

[Updated: 2016-05-04]


Some delirious user on GOG said I was a pedophile. In honour of such a title, I decided to start a club dedicated to skabb15. vote for Trump because I'm sick of the establishment.


Now that you're a pedophile Trump supporter, welcome to Club Skabb15 Trump! Now to be a full fledge member of this exclusive club, you must have these prerequisites.

  • Killed panda bears with a crossbow Punch a protester in the face.

  • Gave a vegan a salt lick for their birthday. Know great people

  • Pledged to vote for Donald Trump in the general election.

  • Scored a field goal, using a newborn, from the 20 yard line. Make great deals.

  • Murdered someone in cold blood. Know the best words.

Please send your donations applications to Trump in honour of skabb15.

Review: Star Realms (Digital Version)

Star Realms is the only digital card game I know of that supports Android/iOS/PC/Mac compatibility with DLC, its main selling point. Another selling point is that all the math is done for the players so they can concretrate on killing each other instead of book keeping.

It's also a fun card game.

If there a digital board/card game that supports Android/iOS/PC/Mac compatibility, please post it in the comments.

First Impressions: Iconoclasts

There's a good possibility I suffer from seasonal affective disorder because a rush of happinesss overwhelms me whenever I see brightly coloured games. Today's shot of serotonin is called Iconoclasts, a platformer with simple puzzle elements by Joakim Sandberg.

My short time (10 minutes because I have the attention of a guava fruit) with Iconoclasts left a smile on my face. It reminds me of Cave Story and  Ratchet and Clank because it's so graphically crisp. One game play mechanic that surprised me was the auto aim feature of your first gun. It is a welcome change as I've been torturing myself with Dark Souls 2. Go play Xeodrifter or They Bleed Pixels if you are looking for a punishing 2D platformer.

Iconoclasts will be going on my 2016 radar. Give the game some love and try the playable at


  • metrovania like gameplay

  • colourful 2D graphics

  • puzzle elements

  • platforming like a pro

  • auto aim


  • it's not out yet

Iconocast is currently in development for Windows, PS4, and PS Vita.